What is the difference between a Corporate film and promotional videos?

The purpose of a Corporate film is to communicate a message about your company, whether it be about your history, products, services, or values. When we think of a corporate video, we think of a medium that is professional, informative, and relatable. 

When we think of an ad/promotional video, we think of something that entices you to buy it. Whereas “corporate videos” can be dryly informational in nature, a promotional video aims to capture the interest and attention of your audience.

Promotional Videos

The promotional videos should entice viewers to come and experience your product, service, or venue firsthand. Because promotional videos are designed to sell something, they’re usually more formal than brand videos.

Promotional videos can be scripted, or they can follow an ‘as live’ format. The detail will depend on the project, but promotional videos tend to use voiceover narration backed up by captions and graphics to make their message heard.

A promotional video is a short video used for promotional or marketing purposes. Many companies use this type of video as an online video, embedding it on their websites to attract viewers and hopefully persuade them to purchase something or recall the company later.

If you’re looking to improve your brand awareness, they are also a cost-effective way to achieve this – this is something that is often on the agenda for start-up businesses.

 Corporate film

Corporate film services serve a larger purpose in the field of marketing. These videos focus on communicating the purpose of a business. Unlike other video productions, they don’t have to win the hearts of the audiences to be successful.

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Corporate film production requires tons of brainstorming before bringing it to execution. This is a complicated task and needs the finest brains to work out the communication campaign that sits right by your audience

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This form of corporate film is a one-way communication mechanism from the company to the customers, or in other words- its main purpose is to convince the viewers that your company is different than others.

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 Typically, a promotional video is created to advertise something in particular. Which purpose can be varied, depending on what you are advertising. A company may advertise a new product, service offering, or an upcoming event or sale by way of a promotional video.

But a corporate film will be more focused on overall brand appeal and how the company wants to project itself to its target audience and the general public.

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