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Video Marketing is Taking Over the Business: Top Video MarketingTrends for 2022

It’s no wonder that brands have now jumped onto the video marketing bandwagon. Video content is known to be engaging and can indeed be an attractive proposition for marketers in a world where attention spans are getting shorter by the day.

By staying up to date with the video marketing trends of 2022, you will be able to craft an effective strategy for your company in that year.

Here are the top trending Video Marketing Trends for 2022
  • Influencer video marketing
  • Closed Caption in Videos
  • 360-degree Videos
  • Personalized Video for products and Services
  • Video Production Getting Wallet-friendly
  • Using Explainer Videos
  • Vertically Shot Videos
1) Influencer video marketing

There is a new trend in the Video Marketing world called Influencer video marketing, where companies have started partnering with influencers to showcase their product or service using videos. The influencers can help in engaging the target audience with their popularity. We all know that they have a huge number of social media followers and have gotten the trust of their audience.

2) Closed Caption in Videos

What if I told you that you could boost your SEO and increase viewership by adding closed captions to your videos? Most people watch Facebook videos on mute, so adding subtitles can help you close more deals.

Are you making a video that has a lot of background noise or people speaking a different language? You can add subtitles in the description box to help your viewers understand what you are saying. This is especially important if you are using an unfamiliar dialect or language.

3) 360-degree Videos

A 360-degree video ad is shown. The first thing that catches your attention is the product in the middle of the screen. The camera then rotates around the product, showing you its dimensions and shape, while also giving an illusion of being at the store with all other products in view.

360 videos are interactive videos that let you navigate up, down, right, and left within a scene. They can be watched on your computer or on mobile devices. They give a sense of how it feels like when you’re “present” at an event or location if you were looking around physically in a particular direction.

4) Personalized Video for products and Services

In recent years, personalized videos have become really popular. Sales pitches, product features, and testimonials in the form of videos are a lot more effective than their printed counterparts. Behind-the-scenes shots help establish a deep trust between the brand and customers. Speaking from the customers’ point of view, videos help in understanding a product.

5) Video Production Getting Wallet-friendly

It’s very easy to shoot a video and distribute it, which has opened the door for advertisers. They no longer need to hire studio professionals to make high-quality movies. Smartphones today have amazing cameras that shoot videos. You don’t have to be a professional—just be yourself!

6) Using Explainer Videos

 You and your team are probably doing a fine job of explaining the basics to customers but think about those moments when someone is on the spot. Over lunch or maybe standing at the water cooler. Explainer videos can help you with that. Imagine how many more sales opportunities you’ll have if you can turn more heads!

 The goal is to simplify communication. Achieving this is easy with explainer videos. Showcase your product or service in a simplified manner.

7) Vertically Shot Videos

Square videos are popular because they can be streamed or viewed on any device, in either portrait or landscape mode. Vertical videos have the benefit of being able to fully engage a smartphone user’s attention when lying vertically on a table or in their hand. It is also speculated that vertical videos might have the added benefit of covering more real estate in a viewer’s feed, making them more likely to grab your attention than other videos.

These are the most trending video Marketing in the current unprecedented digital world.

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