Video Making Is Not Expensive Busted The Myth

Video making is expensive “True if you don’t do your research though”. First, let’s redefine ‘expensive’. Expensive is something you invest your time, energy, or money in but it doesn’t give you a significant Result. There is no secret formula to making a video and the result involuntarily depends upon the result anticipated but investing in a video is far superior to any other medium. I am not going to argue that making videos is cheap. On the contrary, I will be attempting to educate that it has become more affordable to the masses. That might have been true two decades ago. Today, there are tons of tools available to make video production a seamless process.

Professional camera and production equipment add spice to your videos, for sure, but you can even create a decent video these days if you have a smartphone.  One good reason is the advent of digital mirrorless cameras and the advantages many filmmakers and video enthusiasts have discovered. I don’t think that every couple is looking at making a Deepika or Alia Bhatt wedding choreography and spending millions of dollars. Essentially, understanding the root objective and solving the same using a simple video has worked wonders. This could be an engagement video, mehndi video, or a simple vidai video. People today are willing to shell out those extra dollars to keep their happy memories intact alive in form of video.

The bottom line is, that every project is unique. Their execution varies from script to post-production. We often realize there are many consistencies. But there are a lot of variables, too.

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