Trends of using Corporate Video Production services in 2022

It’s important to focus on and implement these 2022 corporate video production trends. Here are the top trends we think will be the driving force behind video marketing campaigns for corporate businesses along with actionable insights that can be used to kick off your video marketing in 2022.

Mixed ( Live and Virtual ) Events are here to stay

 If you are a business owner planning to host any kind of conference, gathering, concert, or similar event, you could benefit from the versatility of hybrid technology. Corporate business owners should know that their customers are not interested in online-only or in-public-only events. 

Large numbers of consumers are content to remain virtual. Thus, the most successful corporate business owners will take the steps necessary to engage in live stream video production, which will provide a hybrid experience that satisfies those less inclined to get out and about.

Influencer Marketing 

 If you’re not working with some of the top influencers, or even some of the micro-influencers who stand to introduce your brand to 100K people or more, you could be missing out on a great opportunity!  Influencer marketing is one of the most important trends in corporate video production for brands to pay attention to in 2022.

 Corporations and business owners that are looking for ways to maximize their investments in influencer marketing should pay very close attention to producing videos in conjunction with micro-influencers as well as focusing on artificial intelligence. Think shoppable videos, and take advantage of technology so you can find and work with influencers that are ideal for your brand!

Importance of Engaging Audience

 Google’s announcement to stop recognizing cookies will change the way brands interact with consumers. Brands that are not already using corporate video production to build relationships and gather first-hand data through polls, experiments, and analytics tracking will now find that they no longer have permission to information that was once getting.

 In 2022, more brands than ever before will be using corporate video production to gather information about their customers and provide relevant marketing and advertising in order to facilitate sales.  Google has initiated changes in data collection policies that will compel consumer brands to implement first-party data collection.

Virtual Reality become more popular

 In 2022, more brands than ever will create augmented reality and virtual reality content for their corporate videos. We predict that this trend will be especially important to corporations and that it will draw a lot of attention from consumers.

As more brands focus on VR and digital experiences that incorporate the digital, augmented reality experience, the use of the 360° view will continue to grow. Augmented reality allows users to try out, try on, and otherwise personalize products they’re interested in before purchasing them. This is particularly powerful if you sell furniture, clothing, household goods, or makeup.

Hyper Personality

 In 2022, hyper-personalization of branded video content will be more important than ever before. This is because business owners will have to create personalized videos if they want to stay on the trends in corporate video production.

To engage your audience, you need to create ads that appeal to their interests and draw them into your brand. That means delivering ads based on their browsing behavior or individual needs, offering product demonstrations that go along with purchases, and delivering related product recommendations along with purchase pages.

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