7-Top Dark Side of Product Photography Ideas to Help Your product Sell More

Product photography is the art of taking pictures of merchandise, whether it’s an expensive chandelier or a simple pair of socks. The great product photography ideas will create huge awareness and impact on the customers.  

Product photography is an area of commercial photography that requires precision, accuracy, skills, and attention to detail. It’s the art of taking photos of objects so that they look appealing and desirable.

In times past, entrepreneurs had a clear choice; either hire a commercial photographer or learn to shoot their own images. Today that dynamic is different. 

You have different tools to create great images, but the end result remains the same; an image that can inspire, engage and motivate.

Here is a list of vital product photography ideas.

1) Place your product in the background

This is one of those product photography ideas that doesn’t quite fit with the others on the list. Instead of showcasing your product, create a ‘how-to’ guide and include photos of each step in the process. 

You can place these on your website, display them in-store or use them as part of your advertising and marketing materials. This is also one of the most famous and popular ideas of product photography ideas. 

2) Freeze phase frame photography

Let’s start with the freeze-frame. This is a great way to take an otherwise boring or innocuous picture of your product and turn it into something amazing. These kinds of photos always grab my attention and I stop in my scrolling to look at them.

While it’s true that you can make your product photos look extremely professional by getting the shot just right and making it look like time has stopped, ultimately it’s your potential customers who will be most impressed. This is one of the most famous product photography ideas. In this kind of photography, you can use this idea.

3) Show all the product variations you offer

When customers shop online, they want to look at as many product photos as possible to ensure that they’re going to be happy with their purchase. 

By showing multiple variations in your product photos, you can help customers make the best choice for their needs. Product photography ideas are still popular but they have not been used very much.

4) We show the product being used

Before you take product photos, brainstorm with your team about what your customers would want from your product. And if you’re selling custom apparel for urban warriors, then a photo like this might work well. 

You can also get attention by showing your products being used in unusual situations, or by using humor or shock value.

5) 360-degree photos

When shopping online, you can’t physically hold the product or look at it from all angles before purchasing it. Customers can touch, feel, examine, and otherwise appreciate products in a brick-and-mortar store, but they are limited to what they see when shopping online.

Have an immersive experience for your customers by allowing them to see your products from every angle. With a 360-degree turntable and an editing account on the cloud, you can make all of your photos fully rotatable. This is one of the most famous product photography ideas. In this kind of photography, you can use this idea.

6) Use a reflected surface

To create a reflected surface effect, you can use a photo manipulation tool that creates a reflected surface or try creating your own mirrored reflection with a mirror. 

A reflected surface can create a more interesting image than a straightforward one. It provides a little extra something to the photo.

 7) Create a scene

 Before you take any photographs of your product, you need to create the perfect backdrop. In order to sell your product, it’s important to think about how the area surrounding your product appears in a photograph. You can use your surroundings to emphasize the features and qualities of your product.

This photo shows the product in an environment that showcases how it looks and operates.

Product photos taken in your customer’s home can help them imagine themselves using and enjoying it, which will make them buy more! 


These are the popular product photography ideas that will help the product reach the most and make impress the target audience. Corpixel is one of the production houses that provides corporate product photography.

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