6 Types of Videos for Corporate Businesses to Grow in 2022

We all have heard the saying, A picture is worth a thousand words. However, in today’s business world, videos have come to replace text and pictures, especially when it comes to marketing your business. Video marketing has become the perfect way to convey any business idea or concept and hence, has taken over text-based marketing techniques by storm in recent years. While there are several types of videos you can use to market your business, we are going to discuss 6 types of videos that are crucial in the current business environment of 2022 and beyond. Let’s take a look at each one!

1) Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to explain a concept or product to your audience. It is clear, concise, and visually appealing. They get right to the point, without any confusion or distractions. Because they’re so direct, you can make them brief – 5 minutes max is ideal – and let them tell their story quickly and directly. Find someone with talent and make it quick and easy for your audience to digest what you’re saying about your company. As we have seen there are a lot of businesses using animated videos to explain their services and Concept. So that these Explainer Videos for Corporate business will help to grow business in 2022. 

3) Product Demo Videos

Products or services can be explained using these videos by giving a demo of the product. These product demo videos are particularly useful for companies that sell items online or through stores, as it allows them to provide an on-the-spot demonstration of the product’s benefits and uses. It can give them an edge over the competition. A well-executed product demo video can make all the difference. Corpixels is one of best production house which provides product videography services. They create videos for corporate business.

4) Testimonial Videos or case study Videos

In the corporate world, testimonial videos are a great way to promote your brand. Companies can create testimonial videos or case study videos by inviting their customers or clients to explain what they think about the product or services. This video is a powerful way to make positive impressions on the customers and will make them satisfied with the product. It also has potential benefits such as increasing sales, generating more leads, etc., which make it a winning marketing strategy. this is one of the trending format videos for corporate business.

5) Company Story Videos

A company story video allows you to share your background story, founders’ story, and style of work. They help tell who you are and why customers should choose you. Story videos convey emotion, which is a vital part of engaging with your audience. If done well, they can make your viewers excited about what you’re doing and want to support your business through any highs or lows it faces. As we are seeing that we are connected to so many brands emotionally because we are inspired by them. This is also a trend from 2022

6) Company Culture Videos

These videos are like behind the scenes that will connect the audience with your business. They are meant to show what it is like to work at your company and help explain why you do the things you do. If a potential candidate is looking at two companies that are offering similar positions, they may want to find out what kind of environment they will be working in. Corporate culture videos might be able to sway their opinion on which job offer is best.


These types of videos for Corporate business are becoming trends in 2022. The audience or Client connects with the company emotionally through video formate instead of text but we don’t know what types of videos should make. But now you have what types of videos are trending in 2022.

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