5 types of Corporate Video Marketing for Business - Reach the Target Audience

Having marketing videos made for your business is no longer considered a luxury. In fact, it’s a necessity if you want to compete with the big corporations – even if you aren’t one of them yourself.

The statistics are staggering: over 50% of people use the internet daily to watch videos, and social media channels are seeing a growth rate that doubles every year. Video is also visual, which means it sticks with someone longer than text or an audio recording might.

Corporate video is the use of film for promotional purposes within businesses. Instead of a boring sales pitch, you can now show the interior of your store, or the workers in their elements.

Here we are going to discuss the 5 most popular Corporate Video Marketing types

These are the one the most common and crucial types of Corporate Video Marketing for the business. This will help to make a positive impression about the company and make your business more professional about your services.

  •  Company profile

Content that is personable and relatable can have a positive impact on your business. Corporate videos can serve to explain your company, present your services and products, promote events and the work of your team, and tell a story of your company profile through the use of a creative narration. 

While you can use text to describe your brand and how it will benefit clients, using a video is more effective. When you pick the right video production companies in Delhi, you’re guaranteed an excellent outcome and a video that will also help you set your brand apart from competitors.

  •  Promotional Videography

There are many different types of promotional videos. Aside from television commercials, you can also create testimonials and explainer videos. This can be anything from a training video to a video that promotes the company at a trade event, staff party, or online via YouTube and the company website.  The purpose of the corporate video is to promote, inform and entertain its target audience. 

  •  Industrial Videography

There is a number of reasons to use Industrial corporate video marketing. One is branding. Branding is a way of having a positive mark on clients. Industry-specific corporate videos are produced to inform and educate those within a field or area of expertise. Unlike most corporate videos, which have an educational as well as entertainment element, industrial corporate videos are aimed at informing those who are already familiar with the subject matter.

  •  Corporate Events

Events such as company holiday parties, office celebrations, internal conferences, trade shows, and networking events are more than just work-related happenings. They can strengthen your team’s bonds with others inside and outside of your organization, helping you achieve your goals more effectively.

  • Product Videography

Product videography is a unique blend of videography and cinematography that allows you to be creative about the story you want to tell about your product. Product videos shouldn’t end with the raw footage. Editing is just as important as the original filming. Music, graphics, and voiceovers can do more than explain…they can move an audience.


These are the top 5 best types of Corporate Video Marketing Content. This will help to increase the business brand and the company’s positive reputation.

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